In the mid 90’s I moved to Santa Monica from NY. It was the height of network prime time TV – and I got called to shoot all these amazing shows at the height of their power. Entertainment Weekly was just starting up and they hired me to shoot their entire Fall TV Preview section. It was funny meeting all these characters and getting to play with a combo of their on screen on an off screen personas mashed up. My goal was always to create a stage the actors and actresses could play on. I never shot on the actual TV set. That was holy ground. My pictures were on another stage. They were a whole other show.

I also got to photograph many film stars both for editorial assignments and advertising. The shoots were all big productions – hair/makeup, set builders, stylists, PR people, talent handlers,, assistants, clients, and lots of friends. In the middle of all the madness I would be having the intimate moments with the talent. Telling stories as much for the sound of the words as the meaning.  Gaining trust by earning it. Working through ideas both planned and spontaneous. Each shooting had an arc – I never knew where the peak would come in advance, but now, looking back you can see each shooting build and then come back down to earth.

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