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While pictures should all be able to speak for themselves - the stories behind the images reveal both the process and a depth that is so much fun to share. My talks are about telling stories that inspire the audience to see & appreciate the world in new ways. Especially their inner worlds and what make them each totally unique. The talks are both entertaining and inspiring in ways to use photography as a door into greater awareness.

The workshops are exercises in appreciating your world in new ways. Always fun. Always inspired. Each one tailored to the group I am working with.

"How do you photograph Trust?' An amazing open by photographer George Lange at the #RaganFacebook Leadership Communications Summit"

- Natalie Mason

"This man has been such an important influence to me, since the moment I met him in 2010, and he continues to inspire me with every way he uses and talks about photography and celebrating being alive."

- Jaclyn Silverman

"George gives so much of himself in the interview, he literally peels himself open to share his most intimate thoughts and feelings on life and photography."
- Simon Boyle

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