#WhereJoyLives Photo Workshop



In an online workshop limited to ten people, George will ZOOM live four one hour classes. The classes will walk students through George’s philosophy around photography, taking the pictures we never take and sparking our imaginations to create pictures in new ways. The series will end with students being able to share their photos and get feedback from George.

One class per week for 4 weeks will be offered live – with offline access for participants.


Class 1:  A tour through George’s box of favorite photos. George has made a box of 80 master prints from throughout his career. He will share the prints, tell the stories from behind the scenes, and explain what connects every picture he takes.

Class 2:  How to take pictures that are as much about feeling as seeing.  How to use all of your senses to make images that are singular and reflect your own way of seeing. We will play with how changing a single element in a picture can change everything and talk about how images can be created from intense curiosity. George will share music that inspires his work and visual artists who offer ideas we can all use as jumping off points.

Class 3:  Family pictures – this class will discuss how we portray our loved ones from our family history in pictures, to the stories we are capturing today. George will share both his own work and some of his favorite photographers who are doing deeply personal and powerful work with their families. We will also discuss what we do with all these pictures!

Class 4:  A look at your pictures. George will critique submissions and give advice for making your work more intimate and more uniquely you. Finally, George will take live portraits to end the class – the ZOOM challenge.


4 Saturdays – 1pm EST – Beginning May 30th, 4 Thursdays – 7pm EST – Beginning June 2nd