There was a moment in my career when I went from taking pictures from the audience or the pit – to much more intimate photographs with my heros. It would never work if I was looking up to my subjects like you do when they are stage. I needed to create a stage for us to photograph on that was equal. A place where they could step out of the SPOTLIGHT into my light. Where we could try a dance that was on a slightly differently plane of gravity. When I was photographing Stevie Wonder, I had to wait until afterwards to pinch myself. When the great choreographer Aszure Barton handed over her company for me to direct – it was not a moment to retreat. When I was in Aretha Franklin’s home, I played by her rules – while also knowing my responsibility was a balance of revealing her, protecting her… and mostly respecting her. When I huddled in a sound booth at Mac Miller’s feet as he recorded, “Missed Calls” my job was to hold my breath. I always look for the moments that are not obvious, but the most revealing.

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