Karl Lagerfeld

I knew nothing about fashion photography rules – which made me want to explore that world more than anything. I was shooting kids fashion for the NYT magazine. The head of fashion at the Times was Carrie Donovan who LOATHED kids fashion. Since I was up at the offices I knocked on Carrie’s door and asked her when she was taking me to the shows in Paris. Just like that! Carrie said, “Meet me at the Miyake show next Wed in Paris. Just like that I booked a ticket and met her there – my second trip ever to Paris (my first was with Annie Leibovitz – where we went bowling one night and came back on the Concorde). Carrie then set up shootings for me with the top designers.

At a Chanel sitting Karl Lagerfeld sat behind his throne of jewelry and handbags, examining each model. I climbed up on a bookcase and starting shooting the scene. Lagarfeld yelled up, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” I yelled back, “I AM TAKING PICTURES!”. He laughed and we became friendly. He invited me to his home – where he had never had a photographer before.